Welcome to the Library

The TAS Learning Commons is committed to promoting a lifelong love of reading and to teaching information literacy skills that lead to competency in accessing resources, processing information, transferring knowledge and thinking critically.

The Learning Commons is open from 8:15am-3:15pm Monday and Friday, and on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 4:25 for Homework Club.  

We have 20 laptops that you can sign out for the period.  A wide selection of fiction, young adult fiction, graphic novels, and non-fiction books.  The website hosts a virtual library that includes databases, such as Ebsco database, and a computer search catalog that can be accessed from home or school.  The online database password is : kprlibrary

 There is a supply station that includes, pens, paper, stapler, hole punch and brochures on referencing APA, MLA and CHICAGO.

The Learning Commons is staffed by two teacher-librarians, Ms. Sue Evans in period 1, and Ms. Luky Corfu in period 2, 3 and 4.

The Learning Commons hosts individual tutoring, The Homework Club, White Pine Book Club and more.

To Book a Research/citing help appointment or request a book, come on into the Learning Commons before or after school and speak with one of your friendly teacher-librarians. 


    picture of the library  picture of the library

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2017-12-04 16:20:05

TAS White Pine Book Club


...



2017-12-15 15:56:11


Some New Books At TAS 2019/20!!!!Young Adult FictionResistance ~by Jennifer Nielsen Again But Better ~by Christine Riccio Salvage the Bones ...

...



2018-09-04 19:26:12

Learning Commons Orientation Link

Please click on this link and complete the Orientation! Learning Commons Orientation

...


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2020-04-01 20:29:51

Virtual Library Information

Click the icon for your personal virtual library information

...



2020-04-01 21:15:41

Helpful Study Tips for this Stressful Time

Pomodoro Technique Each 25-minute work block is called a "Pomodoro.“(Italian tomato) If you feel the urge to do something other than work ...

...