Administrative Staff
Support Staff

Support Staff



Van Haaften, Martin Strive
Walker, Lisa Strive
Wilkins, Marc Strive 
Wilson, Cindy Strive
Gallagher, Sarah EA
Lori Lavalette EA
Colquhoun, Karen CYW
Bayley-Goble, Leanne CYW
Binks, Sarah SBC
Heard, Rachel Curve Lake
Hunter, Jeanette Curve Lake
Allin, Donna Cafeteria
Broadhurst, Stephanie Cafeteria
Marg Cafeteria
Millar, Barb Cafeteria
Custodial Staff

Custodial Staff

McConnachie, Carol Anne
Field, Gord  
Hoey, Darlene
Kemp, Richard
Linton, Darrell
Morrow, Julie
Nelson, Dale
Warminger, Sheri
Withers, Shane
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