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Welcome to the Library

The Thomas A. Stewart newly renovated library is open!!

The TAS library is committed to promoting a lifelong love of reading and to teaching information literacy skills that lead to competency in accessing resources, processing information, transferring knowledge and thinking critically.

The library is open from 8:15-3:15 and the Quiet Study room is always open.

We have 30 laptops connected to a printer/photocopier.  A wide selection of fiction, young adult fiction, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, non-fiction books.  The website hosts a virtual library that includes databases, such as Ebsco database, and a computer search catalog that can be accessed from home or school. 

There is a supply station that includes, pens, paper, stapler, whole punch and brochures on referencing APA, MLA and CHICAGO.

The library is staffed with a full time teacher-librarian, Ms. Hipkin, all four periods.

The library hosts the White Pine Reading Club, The Knitting Club and the Chess Centre.


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